Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They are growing!

Came home this evening to find that our little brinjals have come through. They are only about half an inch high, but they are there, and Brenda is over excited!

Photos is not very clear for 2 reasons, firstly it was taken in the middle of a thunderstorm and secondly, the lawn was mown today so the container is full of grass clippings, Brenda wouldnt let me remove them in case I pulled out the plants by mistake! But you can get the idea anyway!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Growing Challenge - First week nearly over

Well, we are nearly on to week 2 of our "Growing Challenge "here. Brenda is very enthusiastically watering our "babies" every day and taking them in and out. Iam a bit worried though, as it has been quite cool, and I read that Brinjals(aubergine) like warm, so am just holding thumbs. We have been bringing them inside the garage at night though, so that should help, the days have been warm. Brenda is quite clean to plant pumpkins next, so we will have to start clearing soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

First post, first planting

I have decided to join a challenge on One green generation called the Growing Challenge. Basically the challenge is to grow one more vegetable from seed this year than you grew last year. Considering I havent grown any vegetables for years this shouldnt be too hard! I hope to grow more than one. Brenda is also going to join me, although not sure if she will keep it up. Today we planted some Brinjal, which is one of my favourite vegetables, and my grans neighbours always grew them. Brenda wants to plant some butternut, but need to clear some more garden for that!